Your lease is set to expire, but our commitment to you does not.

As you head into the final 90 days of your lease, there are steps to take and decisions to make. Rest assured that Burdick Toyota is here to help guide you through the process.

We value your business and look forward to supporting your future vehicle finance needs.

Step 1 - Research

Start reviewing your options 60-90 days before the final payment. Explore some options below1.

Lease a New Toyota

Whether you're eyeing a new Toyota vehicle or simply want a brand-new edition of what you're driving now, here's what you should do to prepare:

•          Explorer new models online
•          Schedule a test drive

Purchase Your Current Toyota

Love your leased Toyota and want to make it your very own? No problem. Here's what you need to do to put the wheels in motion:

•          Call our Finance Department at (315) 458-7590 to determine your vehicle's payoff amount
•          Visit or schedule a dealership appointment to review financing and vehicle and payment protection options

Step 2 - Inspect

Begin to familiarize yourself with the condition of your vehicle 30-60 days before the final payment

Complimentary Vehicle Inspection

In preparation for lease-end, we recommend you take advantage of an options inspection2. Why?

An inspection is:

•           CONVENIENT: inspectors can meet you at your home, work or other preferred location
•           INFORMATIVE: knowing the condition of your vehicle before the end of your lease allows you to make well-informed decisions
•           THOROUGH: detailed condition reports, itemizing any excess wear and use, are available shortly after inspection

Wear and Use Guidelines

Should you elect to return your vehicle, you may be charged if there is damage exceeding normal wear and use3. To better understand what is considered excessive, review the Wear and Use Guidelines or visit for more information.

Step 3 - Finalize

In the last 30 days before your final payment, prepare to carry out the remaining steps of your chosen lease-end options, such as4:

Lease a New Toyota

•          Visit Burdick Toyota to make any desired repairs
•          Schedule a turn-in appointment
•          Return your vehicle at the appointed time
•          Pay any remaining amounts owed under your lease

Purchase Your Current Toyota

Finance Your Vehicle: Contact Burdick Toyota and arrange for financing

Purchase Your Vehicle Outright: Call Toyota Financial Services at (800) 286-0652 to obtain current payoff amount, mailing address and necessary sale documents

1 Leasing a new Toyota or financing the purchase of your current Toyota are on approved credit through your dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Not all applicants will qualify. Additional options are available. See your Toyota dealer for details.
2 Excess wear and use charges may be based solely on the optional inspection prior to maturity. Should you not take advantage of such inspection, one will be ordered upon return of the vehicle. If repairs are made to your vehicle before turn-in, you or the dealer may request an inspection upon turn-in.
3 Under certain circumstances, Toyota Financial Services does not charge its lease customers for excess wear and use damage. All charges may be subject to sales tax.
4 On approved credit through your dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Not all applicants will qualify. Additional options are available. See your Toyota dealer for details.


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